3 Maize Mazes & the Activities Maze

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The Activities Maze.

Visit the Elton Activities Maze - a cross between a Maze, a Rustic Adventure Playground and a Wild Garden with 2.5 km of paths.

Activities Maze FAQ’s

What is the The Activities Maze?

It was planted in 2012 and is made of Willow and garden plants.
It has a 2,500 square metre maze area, grass paths and has 9 undercover activity areas. We installed in summer 2013 Interactive Quiz Boxes and Remote Sensor Points.

What are the Interactive Quiz Boxes?

The objective is to find the Quiz Boxes, press the Question Button, and you will receive a question with 3 possible answers, for example, Author JK Rowling was born in which Forest,
A: Forest of Arden,
B: Forest of Dean,
C: The New Forest. If you pressed Button B for the answer you would be correct and receive a code number. If you pressed the wrong answer button you get a squirt of water. You collect the correct codes as you go around the Maze and on presenting them to Reception, you receive your Prize.

What are the Remote sensors?

These are points in the Maze which when passed, trigger a response, which can be a noise which you need to identify or on hot days, possibly a squirt of water?

What undercover activities are in the Activities Maze?

The 9 activity areas are suitable for both adults and children. Children under 10 will need adult supervision on some of them. The Activity areas are: Climbing Tower and Tunnel 2 Traversing Walls (easy and harder route) Balance and Rotating Beams Giant Spiders Web The Hamster Crawl Monkey Ropes Log Walk Gibbon Swings Stepping Stones (easy and harder route) All activities are OPTIONAL - you can bypass them!

What clothes should we wear?

Loose comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting used and wear trainers or outdoor foot wear.

How long does it take?

Most people spend 30 - 45 minutes, but then the Kids usually go back in to repeat their favourite activities.

What other facilities do you have?

We have a Cafe, picnic area (you can bring your own food and drinks), toilets, ample car parking (also well served by Bus Routes), plenty of space for running around in. There are also courtyard games that are quite unique as we have made them ourselves.

Do you undertake special events?

Yes many, please see our web site for our list of events.

When are you open?

The ActivitiesMaze is open during from 23rd July till 4th Sept 2016. We open at 10.30 am and close at 6 pm.

Are Dogs allowed in the Activities Maze?

We allow dogs in the Courtyard area and also in our Summer seasonal Maize Mazes.
The Activities Maze itself is not suitable for dogs.

Who do I call for more information or to make a group booking?

Just e-mail us on eltonmazes@gmail.com or call Brian on 079263 77110 or Cilla on 01452 760795

Elton Activities Maze

The Activities Maze

The Adventure Maze - The Tunnel.
A surprise awaits visitors at the new Activities Maze at the Elton Giant Mazes from the new Water Squirt Boxes. You press the question button, then choose Button A, B or C for an answer. The wrong answer = a fine misty squirt of water which in the heat wave is rather pleasant. The family in the pic is from Lydney and come to the Elton Giant Mazes each year.

The Adventure Maze, The Balance Beams and the Traversing WallLeft: Clare Moscrop and Rebecca King-Davies on the Balance Beams.
Right: Clare Moscrop and Rebecca King-Davies on the Traversing Wall.

The Adventure Maze, the Spider's Web.Clare Moscrop and Rebecca King-Davies in the Spider's Web.

Adventure Maze activitiesActivities Maze

Adveture activities at the Elton Adventure MazeActivities Maze.

Adveture activities at the Elton Farm Adventure MazeActivities Maze.

Adveture activities at Elton FarmThe Activities Maze from the air in July 2016.