3 Maize Mazes & the Activities Maze

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The Forester 20th July 2016: "... Low lying spacecraft passing over the site of Elton's Giant Maze near Westbury this summer wiil be surprised to see an image of Darth Vader etched into the hillside.
The Maze on a filed of Maze roughly the size of four football pitches has been cut in the likeness of the legendary Star Wars baddie.
The InVader Maze is one of four on the site with the others including an Activities Maze, a Spacecraft Maze and a Little Rocket Labarinth.
The Mazes are open from 10:30am - 6pm - last entry 5pm - from July 23 until September 4.
Mark Terry-Lush, director of Wye Valley and Forest of Dean Tourism Association said 'This is superb, what a genius idea'.
'It is fantastic to see local businesses get creative especially as we are the spiritual home of Star Wars'.
'May the Forest be with you'....".

The Forest Review 20th July 2016: "Darth Vader has reappeared in the Forest - this time in Elton, near Westbury-on-Severn. Darth's image has been carved out in the Elton Giant Mazes just in time its summer season... ".

BBC Gloucestershire Facebook article.


Article from The Forester 20 July 2016

The Forester 20th July 2016.

An article from the Forest Review of 20 July 2016

The Forest Review 20th July 2016